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The Sacred Paintings of Peter Eglington

This website and all Peter's work is dedicated to the Aboriginal peoples of the world and their earth wisdom which if embraced will allow our children and future generations a sustainable future our fragile planet.

Art Poster Online and the Galactic Mandala welcome you to the world of Spiritual Art in the 21st Century, a collection of paintings by visionary Australian artist Peter Eglington.

This site is an art exhibition for the Aquarian age featuring original works from the land of the Australian Aboriginal. Beyond limited space and time venues this site has been established for your pleasure, inspiration and joy. 

Within this site you will view the world of ancient people who gave birth to cultures as varied and diverse as the Tribal Aboriginal and Native American through to Mayan Culture and the tribal art of Polynesia with its Huna Philosophy, which will hopefully increase respect for Pacific Island cultures. In all of these works Peter portrays the basic unity of the earth's tribal peoples based on their connection to the land and their cosmology.

Some paintings appear in the form of the ancient art of Tribal Design - the mandala image, including the Mayan Calendar (Tzolkin) with its zodiac signs for an advanced meditation technique to bring about spiritual healing.

This 21st century Aboriginal art features many cross-cultural and cross-species realities including The Dreamtime, Native and Tribal Art, Environmental Art, Mayan Art, Earth Goddess, and Animal Deities. Each deal with the interconnectedness of all life on earth and the ability of aboriginal peoples to exist in perfect harmony with their environment, often through personal involvement with spirit messengers from the animal kingdom.

The Dreamspell Mayan Calendar, based on the work of Dr. Jose Arguelles, could be seen as psychedelic or esoteric art. However it is also a zodiac calendar or chart in which one may read the location of any planet in any sign for the period 2000-2012. Over this Peter has interwoven the Dreamspell Calendar entailing the Tzolkin, Haab, Galactic Seasons, Castles, and 13-Moon Calendar. This work is based on the Mayan Calendar, Mayan religion, science and history ,and is available as a poster print. Other works are available both as posters and as art prints. 

10% of all profits from sales of the artist's work at Art-Poster-Online go towards worldwide environmental and peace movements.


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